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Fan Art

Visit our museum of Fan Art galleries

Fan Art paletteThe fan art galleries currently contain Quest and Conquest Fan Art cards. We welcome submissions of your Fan Art cards. To submit Fan Art, please follow the instructions on the side panel on this page.


Means to print Fan Art cards

Vanity CarrotWhy have Fan Art cards if you can’t print them and play with them? The links in Printing provide you with ways to get Fan Art cards printed, from Do-It-Yourself printing at home to professional services that do much of the work for you.


How are Fan Art cards created?

Fan Art paletteIn the Tutorials section, you will find the elusive answers to some of the hardest questions, like “What are the appropriate fonts to use?”


Not artistic?

Fan Art paletteLibraries hold images to use to create your own Fan Art cards (non-commercial use only). Some of them are recreations of objects used on cards and others are merely drawn in a similar style.

There are also Journey to Jupiter, Kinderbunnies, and Conquest of the Magic Carrot Fan Art card templates!

What is “Fan Art”?

“Fan Art” are creative works that are meant to honor, emulate, and extend the original artists’ creative vision.

When Creative Team Alpha, the creative force behind Killer Bunnies, released the Quest card templates to use with the Bunny Blanks product, the Killer Bunnies fan community unleashed a huge amount of creativity and made the game their “own.”

Some of their work is in the Magic Carrot galleries. Go explore the Magic Carrot Fan Art Galleries and see what others have created. It just might inspire your creativity too! Then head on over to the Tutorials section.