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Magic Carrot Message Board

Magic Carrot Message BoardOur namesake Magic Carrot Message Board is the place where hundreds of Killer Bunnies® fans stop by to ask questions, get game help, submit fan art, and more.

Board Game Geek

Board Game GeekBoard Game Geek is an alternative message board where Killer Bunnies® fans are found.


RedditReddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website with a subreddit for Killer Bunnies.


DiscordDiscord Talk about anything Killer Bunnies in this Killer Bunny discord.

Favorite Links

WikipediaWikipedia is one of our favorite web sites. Not only is it a great starting point for research, you can find topics covered that are in no other encyclopedia.

Oh, and Microsoft stopped producing Encarta because it couldn't compete with free.

How’s that feel after what you did to Netscape, eh, Microsoft?