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Killer Bunnies Wiki

Killer Bunnies Wiki hosted at WikiaA Killer Bunnies Wiki has been created with growing amounts of content. Go there and help them out! Sign up for an account today!

Killer is the home of the Killer Bunnies® trilogy (Killer Bunnies® and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, Killer Bunnies® and the Journey to Jupiter, and Killer Bunnies® and the Ultimate Odyssey). You can find all sorts of information about Killer Bunnies®, a set of “Bunny Bits” (more in-depth explanations of the rules), and the Designers’ Resource Center, which are useful for working with the out-of-print Bunny Blanks.

Carrot Top Academy

Carrot Top AcademyMahobear8’s Carrot Top Academy web site collects strategy videos and tools in one convenient place, the Carrot Top Academy.

A Killer, Killer Bunnies Case

Killer Bunnies Card CaseOne blogger, not satisfied with the storage options available for his Killer Bunnies paraphenalia repurposes a photography case for storing his Bunnies stuff.

Killer Bunnies Carousel

Killer Bunnies Carousel fan workThis blogger describes his creation of a Killer Bunnies® Board, built on a carousel. Bunnies Artist Jonathan Young even leaves a comment for him!

Very Home-made Killer Bunnies Fan Cards

Very Home-made Killer Bunnies Fan CardsThis blogger couldn’t get enough of Killer Bunnies and started making her own cards. Check them out. Good ideas!

A Killer Bunnies Fan web site

Killer Bunnies Carousel fan workHosted on blogging site LiveJournal is a Killer Bunnies fan site.

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Killer Bunnies Wiki hosted at Wikia

The word wiki comes from the Hawaiian word wikiwiki, which means “fast.”

It has come to mean a system which allows fast collaboration.