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Release of (Unofficial) KB Quest fan art card template

7 December 2016 is pleased to announce the release of another unofficial fan art card template. MagicCarrot Message Board user lordofworms sent us his template for creating fan art cards, which display proudly in his Gallery and on Artscow.

Release of (Unofficial) KB Jupiter Ship (horizontal) template

24 December 2012 is pleased to announce the release of a another unofficial card template. Previously, had released a vertical card template and one revision for fans to make cards. Until now, making Jupiter ship cards was elusive. This new ship template is in the Jupiter-like Fan Art Parts Library.

Release of (Unofficial) Odyssey Fan Art horizontal and resource templates

12 December 2012 is pleased to announce that Odyssey gets two more unofficial Fan Art templates. In addition to the vertical card template released a few days ago, Odyssey gets a horizontal card template (suitable for structures and structure modifiers) and a resource card template for making your own Odyssey Resource cards. The templates are in the Odyssey-like Fan Art Parts Library.

Release of (Unofficial) Odyssey Fan Art vertical card template!

9 December 2012

ArtJust in time for a Merry Christmas!

At long last, an Odyssey Fan Art vertical card template has been released! This template is the result of over two years of work by the team to closely emulate the Creative Team Alpha effort. CTA’s card formats have been more complex with each game and they are much harder to make a look-alike template. The template is in the Odyssey-like Fan Art Parts Library.

Magic Carrot is back and better than ever

4 July 2012

ArtMy apologies for my long absence from I have been in Grad School, but I graduated in April.

Since then, I’ve been working on new material for, both original and fan contributions, which have now been posted for your enjoyment!

Jeff Bellinger visits and friends at the Davanni’s Pizza in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Conquest Carrot Countdown with Jeff Bellinger

17 August 2011

The Carrot Countdown in grand, humorous style with Jeff Bellinger. (01:37) (Video credit: ©2011 Glenn Davis) and friends with Jeff Bellinger crew and friends pose (back: Todd L., Nathan G., Stephanie G.; front: Glenn D., Jeff, Kathy D.) with Jeff Bellinger and Conquest. (Photo credit: ©2011 Glenn Davis)

Playing Conquest with Jeff Bellinger

Playing Killer Bunnies and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot: Matt S., Erica L., Stephanie G., Casey L., Nathan G., Jeff Bellinger, Todd L., and Adam W. (L-R). (Photo credit: ©2011 Glenn Davis)

The Killer Bunnies gang is all here

The Killer Bunnies gang is all here (l-r): Unknown, Wendy P., Erica L., Casey L., Jeff Bellinger, Stephanie G., Todd L., Adam W., Matt S., Jordan P., Kathy D. (L-R). (Photo credit: ©2011 Glenn Davis)

Jeff unveils the Magic Carrot

Jeff Bellinger unveils the Magic Carrot. (Photo credit: ©2011 Glenn Davis)

Stephanie G. gets swag from Jeff Bellinger

Stephanie G. gets swag (Conquest promo “Omega Thirteen” and oversize Quest “Bunnyback Mountain”) from Jeff Bellinger. (Photo credit: ©2011 Glenn Davis)

Origins Game Fair

Origins Game Fair

The Origins Game Fair is a game fan favorite.

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Origins draws over 3,500 people each year.