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Playroom Entertainment

Ultro PRO to Acquire Playroom Entertainment

13 September 2016

While we don’t know what this means yet, it should mean a cash infusion for Playroom Entertainment and improve their ability to deliver products, which has been a problem since 2012.PR Newswire press release

Playroom Entertainment visits Toy Fair 2013

18 February 2013

The Purple Pawn, a game news site, relays news that at the 2013 Toy Fair, Playroom Entertainment announced both the Killer Bunnies Deluxe Edition of Quest for the Magic Carrot and the Killer Bunnies: Heroes and Villians. Killer Bunnies: Heroes and Villians (presumably a stand-alone game) is said to have a less random outcome by having players collect bunnies rather than carrots. Read the full article at the Purple Pawn.

Playroom Entertainment announces the Fan Card Contest winners!

9 January 2013

Congratulations to all of the fans who submitted cards to the contest and our heartfelt congratulations to those whose cards were selected! See the news at Playroom Entertainment.

Card Contest Winners
ArtistCard TitleFan Artwork SubmissionCTA Artwork Final
Ken DumasDrazi Feud (Weapon Level: 50/50 Ultimate)Card not posted on FacebookDrazi Feud
Joey SkywalkerGuardin’ Gnome (Bunny Modifier)Card not posted on FacebookGuardin’ Gnome (Bunny Modifier)
Bobby WestHigh RollersHigh RollersHigh Rollers
Mike and Carol SasktelMake It SowCard not posted on FacebookMake It Sow
Patrick PerlPaparazziCard not posted on Facebook
Jonathan ButlerPawn CloningPawn CloningPawn Cloning
Joshua JonesSix PlosionSix PlosionSix Plosion
Chris KnightTransmogrifierTransmogrifierTransmogrifier
Glenn and Kathy DavisFat Bunny SingsFat Bunny Sings
Joseph FuertadoTrip’s TripsCard not posted on FacebookTrip’s Trips
Chris SchulzFor The KingFor the King!For The King
Missy FreemanUltimate ChaosUltimate ChaosUltimate Chaos

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