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Jupiter Card Companion (JCC) Updated for 2021!

The past decade has seen no Journey to Jupiter Booster Deck releases, but we have not lost hope! After nearly a decade and more than a year of work revising and bringing the JCC up to the quality standard set by the QCC, is proud to release the Jupiter Card Companion 2.0 Second Coming Edition!

  • New Features:
    • 61 pages (up from 11 in the previous edition)!
    • Almost 100 footnotes
    • Four die concepts named and integrated into the rules
    • Complete Table of Contents and alphabetical index
    • Xi-series promo card entries
    • Decision Time Record page
    • Card Classes and Actions table
    • All-new clarification diagrams and tables
  • Updated Features:
    • Comprehensive rules through Laser Red Booster Deck
    • 4-page Glossary

Find the JCC on the Jupiter games page.

Quest Card Companion (QCC) Updated for 2020!

February 2020 saw the release of another Killer Bunnies® booster, La-Di-Da London.

Our team of QCC Maintainers updated the QCC as quickly as possible to incorporate this new booster and the Pi series promo cards released with it.

  • New Features
    • Added a suggested shuffling method to guarantee randomness.
    • Added a House Rules section.
    • Added rules for British bunnies, Bunderground Stations, Pound Sterling, and Oyster Crackers.
    • Added a Discarding section.
    • Added a Rule Interpretation section.
  • Updated Features
    • Added La-Di-Da London booster and recently released Pi series promo cards 21-30.
    • Expanded Card Type Action Table (added Bunderground Station).
    • Over 500 clarification footnotes with more than 250 new footnotes!
    • 168 pages of Killer Bunnies® goodness!

Find the QCC on the Quest games page.

Moving forward, the QCC will be dated for its release so you can more easily discern whether you have the most recent version or not. Interviews Creative Team Alpha

In early 2018, inteviewed Jeff Bellinger and Jonathan Young of Creative Team Alpha, the creative force behind the Killer Bunnies® series of games. Read a transcript of the interview between and Jeff Bellinger and Jonathan Young on the MagicCarrot Bunnies News page.