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Killer Bunnies and the Journey To Jupiter mark Jordan, Glenn, Kathy and Wendy pose with Journey to Jupiter

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Jupiter Card Companion 2.0 20211107 Second Coming Edition

Jupiter Card Companion

Journey to Jupiter Card Companion

Download PDF (7.5 MiB)

The Jupiter Card Companion is a reorganized collection of all Bunny Bits, instructions, and card rules with clarifications made by fans that can serve as a comprehensive reference for the Killer Bunnies® and the Journey to Jupiter board game.

The JCC 2.0 20211107 Second Coming Edition was nearly a decade in the making and it still came out before the last three boosters!

  • New Features:
    • 61 pages (up from 11 in the previous edition)!
    • Almost 100 footnotes
    • Four die concepts named and integrated into the rules
    • Complete Table of Contents and alphabetical index
    • Xi-series promo card entries
    • Decision Time Record page
    • Card Classes and Actions table
    • All-new clarification diagrams and tables
  • Updated Features:
    • Comprehensive rules through Laser Red Booster Deck
    • 4-page Glossary

Did you know?

Vanity Carrot - Glenn

Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter started life as Rooney's Asteroids.

At least it wasn’t Uranus’s Hemorrhoids!