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Designers’ Resource Center

On the Killer Bunnies® web site, Creative Team Alpha provides KB Quest templates, color information, and identifies the font that gives Killer Bunnies® its distinct look (spoiler: It’s “Enviro”). This is where Fan Art began! Check out the Designers’ Resource Center.

Fan Art Tutorials

Quest Card Anatomy

The parts of a card identified, along with other observations about specific card types and the variants that exist in the decks.

WTF?! (What the Font?!)

We’ll try to answer your questions about which fonts are correct, appropriate, or acceptable.

Tutorial Notes

Inkscape Scalable Vector Graphics editor

These tutorials use Inkscape as the drawing tool.

However, the techniques should be applicable to other drawing tools, such as Adobe Illustrator®, Corel Draw®, or Xara Xtreme®.