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Printing Fan Art Cards

Disclaimer: Due to international copyright law, “Fan Art Cards” must be printed for personal use only. Any for-profit or commercial use violates the copyrights of the holders (Creative Team Alpha’s, Playroom Entertainment’s, and the card artists’).

Printing on Demand

The following companies provide print-on-demand services. This list is intended to provide options. However, including them here does not constitute an endorsement of them or their services by is not affiliated with any of these companies.

Print & Play Productions

Print & Play GamesPrint & Play Productions prints games-on-demand and will print your images on cards.

Superior POD

Superior POD logoSuperior POD is a New York state-based firm specializing in print-on-demand cards, games, and books. They will print cards in sheets of 18 and decks in multiples of 18.

The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter logoThe Game Crafter accepts 300dpi images (must have bleed) and will print a custom deck for you, and it isn’t that expensive, about 9¢ per card.

Printer’s Studio

Printer’ Studio Printer’s Studio sells poker size custom cards and will print your designs on them!


Artcow logoArtsCow is a Hong Kong firm specializing in photo gifts and customized products, including customized photo card decks that happen to be the same size as the Killer Bunnies® cards (though about 2/3 thickness).

FedEx Office

FexEx Office logoFedEx Office (formerly FedEx/Kinko’s) will print full-page stickers from PDFs, which can then be applied to paperboard. Beware if there's a copyright notice on them, though, since they are unlikely to print them without proof of ownership or license.

OfficeMax ImPress Print Center

OfficeMax Impress logoMany OfficeMax stores have an ImPress Print Center, which will take a PDF of your documents and print it on paper. They will not cut the round corners, however.

Do It Yourself (DIY) and Printing at Home

Using your own printer, ink, and paper is the simplest and most obvious way to get Fan Art Cards printed for you to use in your games.


PlainCards logoPlainCards is a New Mexico (US)-based web retailer of printable card products. They make several sizes of cards including the correct size for Killer Bunnies, along with a spray protective coating (only available within the US).

Printer’s Studio

Printer’ StudioPrinter’s Studio sells poker size custom cards (blank) that you can draw upon.

Print & Play Productions

Print & Blank CardsPrint & Play Productions also sells blank poker-sized cards for you to embellish.

Avery Project Sticker Paper

Avery Project StickerPrinting at home with an inkjet or laser printer is easy. Finding cardstock that feels similar is hard. OfficeMax has 110-lb cardstock in 250 sheet reams, which is suitable for casual printing use. With the application of Avery Project sticker paper, the feel is close to the stiffness of the Killer Bunnies® Quest cards.

Rounding the Corners

FiscarsScrapbooking shops (or online) have tools called “Corner Rounders” that will cut round corners. One such product is the Fiskars FCSP-7329. Unfortunately, we have yet to find one with the correct radius (4mm), since most of them are ¼ inch or ½ inch radius.

Favorite Links

Inkscape Scalable Vector Graphics editor

Inkscape is one of our favorite programs. Not only is it great for creating Killer Bunnies® artwork, it is a versatile tool for creating web graphics like those you see adorning the Fan Art Gallery pages, which often start as Inkscape vector drawings.