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2012 Top 10 Quest Fan Art Cards on

Fan Art on was downloaded over 8,000 times during 2012! While popularity doesn’t mean much, I thought KB fans might be interested to know which Fan Art cards are the most popular.

This is a list of the most popular cards (by unique download count from 1 January to 31 December 2012). The big winner is Omfgitsvico—who has 6 of the top 10 cards—again!

1Unnatural Selection MCOCS#16No Change
2Hikaru’s Katana+6
2Sucks To Be EweNew!
4Pawn Blanch MCOCS#01+1
5Abu’s Voodoo Doll+4
5MC CHoF Strawberry Pi-2
7Attack of the Killer Carrots MCOCS#03-4
8Santa BunnyNew!
9Remington’s Fuzzy PairNew!
10Gus’s Mirror UniverseNo Change
10Seth’s Evil Plan-4

Legacy Top 10 Quest Fan Art Cards on

This is a list of the most popular cards (by download count since the cards were originally posted through May 2012). The big winner is Omfgitsvico who has 6 of the top 10 cards!

1Unnatural Selection MCOCS#16
2Julie’s Microphone
3Attack of the Killer Carrots MCOCS#03
3MC CHoF 002 Strawberry Pi
5Pawn Blanch MCOCS#01
6Seth’s Evil Plan
7Pirates Who Don't Do Anything 3
8Hikaru’s Katana
9Abu’s Voodoo Doll
10Gus’s Mirror Universe

Magic Carrot

2009 Magic Carrot Official Card Set

Unnatural Selection2009 Magic Carrot Official Card Set Gallery

Back in 2008, a group of us on the Magic Carrot Message Board decided that it would be nice to put all of the existing (at the time) card ideas with artwork to a vote and the best 16 cards would be annointed the “2009 Magic Carrot Official Card Set”. (If you bought both sets of Bunny Blanks available at the time, you’d have 16). A contest was held and the top-ranked 16 cards were chosen.

Alas, Bunny Blanks are no longer available.

Magic Carrot Card Hall of Fame

Fat Bunny SingsMagic Carrot Card Hall Of Fame Gallery

Even before there were Bunny Blanks, some card ideas were significantly better than others. By a process that few seem to remember, cards were nominated and voted on for inclusion. Though much like the United Nations, too many cards seem to pass muster for inclusion.

Idyllic Indigo Deck

Indigo Deck Bunny BackIdyllic Indigo Deck Gallery (unfinished)

Idyllic Indigo was a collaborative effort to create a full, all-new, complete (55- or 56-card) fan deck to complement your existing, complete set of Killer Bunnies decks. It was assumed that you have all of the decks through the Onyx expansion. The deck is not complete since two of the three artists are no longer working on this deck. Rather than make you wait until the whole deck is done (we’d been working on it for more than three years), those cards that are finished are included here


Midnight Set

Midnight Deck Black Bunny BackMidnight Set featuring The Black Bunnies Gallery

The Midnight Deck is a card set that is part “expansion” and part “replacement.” To properly introduce the Black Bunnies, it was necessary to examine existing cards and make changes to accommodate them. These existing, but changed cards are labelled “Revisited.”

Additionally, two of the cards (Rainbo and Random Paintball Assault) introduce a unique feature, a ninth dice box. No other cards have nine dice boxes!

Rotten Bunnies

Celebrity Bunny - JessicaRotten Bunnies Set Gallery

Our own TheDavii has created a number of miscellaneous fan cards too.

Undead Deck

Undead Deck Bunny BackUndead Deck Gallery (unfinished)

TheDavii collaborates with Matt Sanchez to create an otherworldly deck.

Time-Warped Teal Deck

Time-Warped Teal Bunny BackTime-Warped Teal Deck Gallery (unfinished)

TheDavii collaborates with “Pimaster” to create Pimaster’s Time-Warped Teal deck.


Fan Art Gallery

Tyberius Fan Art GalleryTyberius Fan Art Gallery

Tyberius’ are some of the best Fan Art card ideas on the Internet.

Alien Deck

Alien Bunny BackAlien Deck Gallery

TheDavii collaborates with “Tyberius” to create an outer-worldly deck. The idea behind this deck is to “stack” the deck with lots of extra Beyea alien cards, so that they appear much more frequently in your games.


Fifisdead Gallery

Good KarmaFifisdead Card Set Gallery

Fif’s artwork evolved over the years that he was creating fan art cards. These were some of his favorites.

Psychic Waves Card Set

Psychic Waves card back

Psychic Waves Card Set

The Psychic Waves card set was given the Killer Bunnies community by Fifisdead as a swan song. He didn’t have anyone geographically close to play with, so he gave these cards to us so we could use them.


Advantageous Carrots

Gus's Mirror UniverseAdvantageous Carrots Set Gallery

One of Omfgitsvico’s earliest ideas was to enhance the entire set of Carrots with special powers. Much like Flo has her prune danish, each Carrot would have a corresponding card that gives it special abilities. This is what that idea evolved into.

Fan Art

Urkel BunnyFan Art Gallery

OMFGitsVico on the Magic Carrot Message Board had a tremendous number of good ideas with artwork.


Derek Gallery

BundeadDerek Card Set Gallery

Derek did a fantastic job of creating funny fan art cards that are wholly original.

Displayed by permission.


Mjibber Gallery

Chaotic ChocolateMjibber Card Deck Gallery

Mjibber did a fantastic job of creating funny fan art cards that are wholly original.


Lthown Gallery

Gleaming GoldLthown Card Deck Gallery

Lthown created fan cards that are wholly unique by using clip-art.

Bunny Nombre

Bunny Nombre Gallery

Bunny Nombre Cart SetBunny Nombre Card Set Gallery

Bunny Nombre created fan art cards using Adobe Fireworks.


Glowstick Gallery

Jotisp Glowstick Cart SetGlowstick Card Set Gallery

Glowstick is basically just random cards dreamed up by one adult (“Jotisp”) and three kids ages 6-13, although a complete set of bunnies is included (colors and types).

Requires Killer Bunnies Booster Decks through Perfectly Pink.

With bleed.

Xmas Gallery

Jotisp Xmas Cart SetXmas Card Set Gallery

Just in time for Christmas! Magic Carrot Message Board user “Jotsip” provided the Killer Bunnies community with a gift of Christmas-themed cards to round out a deck.

With bleed.

Lordofworms Gallery

Blue Bunny BackLordofworms’ Gallery

Just in time for 2017! Well, actually, Lordofworms sent these to us in 2013. However, there were so many of them, it took two years to add the cards to the Quest Fan Card Companion.

With added bleed.

How can you get your fan card artwork displayed here?

The artwork must be 300 dpi resolution and high-quality.

Please send an email to:

glenn (at)

with a statement giving us permission to display your fan card artwork on, and attach the artwork to the message. (No larger than 9 MB per message, please.)

Card Set vs. Card Deck

Generally, we’re defining a set as a group of cards meant to be played together, or with a similar theme.

A deck is meant to be an entire expansion, with 54 or more cards.