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Beneath the Magic Carrot Card Set

Beneath the Magic Carrot fan card setBeneath the Magic Carrot fan card Set

The set includes Black Market bunnies, which have the ability to sell above “market rates” and buy below “market rates” because they have, um, connections.

The Plutonium Metal cards are to be used with Morden’s Metal Exchange and a White 6-sided die (not included). Have fun with them!

Conquest Starter Bunnies Card Set

Conquest Starter Bunny backConquest Starter Bunnies Card Set

Conquest welcomes a Starter Bunny set. Rather than start your games out slowly, start them with a bang! Features Conquest, Quest, and Jupiter bunnies.

How can you get your fan card artwork displayed here?

The artwork must be 300 dpi resolution and high-quality.

Please send an email to:

glenn (at)

with a statement giving us permission to display your fan card artwork on, and attach the artwork to the message. (No larger than 9 MB per message, please.)

Card Set vs. Card Deck

Generally, we’re defining a set as a group of cards meant to be played together, or with a similar theme.

A deck is meant to be an entire expansion, with 54 or more cards.