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Quest-like Parts Library

Disclaimer: These objects are not scans or mechanical reproductions, but hand-drawn replicas of Quest objects.

These objects are intended to allow fans to create non-commercial Fan Art Cards to supplement their Killer Bunnies® decks using the out-of-print Bunny Blanks or similar. They are intended to be used for “Fair Use” purposes only.

Click on the SVG or PNG icons to download the files.

(Unofficial) Killer Bunnies® Quest Template for Fan Art Cards by Lord of Worms

(Unofficial) Quest Fan Art Card Template (Epsilon series)

Unofficial Quest Fan Art Card Template in Adobe Photoshop format

Lordofworms is a graphic artist by trade and he wanted to offer the template he works with to create his own Killer Bunnies® and the Quest for the Magic Carrot fan art cards.

It's a basic PSD (Adobe® Photoshop® file with layers). Each layer has all the necessary graphics to create hundreds, if not 1000’s of combinations. With a little copy/paste magic you can continue to create new cards.

The PSD contains all the graphics necessary to reproduce his work or just do your own. Lordofworms borrowed others' ideas here on the MagicCarrot Quest Art thread, but since these were only for lordofworms own use (the cards themselves), he didn't think he had to worry about copyright issues, ideas, and idea rights. Anyway, he's not making money from this. He just enjoys this game to the fullest.

Now on to the graphic file itself. It has several layers each with a different identifier.

BACK [color] Different background colors/shades - only one of these should be active

TITLEBOX [color] Different color Titleboxes

CLIPART [#] Main pictures, icons, bunnies, etc

PICTUREBOX [color] Color backgrounds for clipart

EDITBOX [color] Different color textboxes for main text

::DICE the different colored dice

::ATTACKBAR - turn on or off the pink box

::TITLE: - the different titles Run, Play Immediately, Special, Very Special

::CIRCLE: - Color circle Red for Run, Blue for Special, etc.

By selecting one of each of the 20 or so variations on colors, backgrounds, titleboxes, editboxes and cliparts you can create some pretty convincing cards.

Take a look for yourself what Lordofworms did recently using only his template. Here is an entire deck that lordofworms did for ArtsCow:

Lordofworms Fan Art Deck on Artscow

We also created an entire gallery for lordofworms’ deck.

(Unofficial) Quest Fan Art Card Back (Epsilon series)

Quest Fan Art Card Back thumbnail

Quest Fan Art Card Back (Epsilon series) (with full bleed, for Fan Art cards) 0

Blue Bunny Back with bleed PNG

(Unofficial) Large Carrot Fan Art Card Back (Epsilon series)

Large Carrot Fan Art Card Back (Epsilon series) thumbnail

Large Carrot Fan Art Card Back (Epsilon series) (with full bleed, for Vanity Carrots) 0

Large Carrot Fan Art Card Back (Epsilon series) with bleed PNG

Shops & Proprietors

Kaballa 1 thumbnail

Kaballa 1

Kaballa 1 SVG Kaballa 1 PNG

Kaballa’s Marketplace thumbnail

Kaballa’s Marketplace 0

Kaballa’s Market 0 SVG Kaballa’s Market 0 PNG

Rooney 1 thumbnail

Rooney 1

Rooney 1 SVG Rooney 1 PNG

Rooney’s Weapons Emporium thumbnail

Rooney’s Weapons Emporium 0

Rooney’s Weapons Emporium 0 SVG Rooney’s Weapons Emporium 0 PNG

Weil 0 thumbnail

Weil 0

Weil 0 SVG Weil 0 PNG

Weil’s Castle thumbnail

Weil’s Castle 0

Weil’s Castle SVG Weil’s Castle PNG

Cabbage & Water

Cabbage 0 thumbnail

Cabbage 0

Cabbage 0 SVG Cabbage 0 PNG


Penguin 1 thumbnail

Penguin 1

Penguin 1 SVG Penguin 1 PNG

Aliens & Space

Ancient Star Rod thumbnail

Ancient Star Rod 0

Ancient Star Rod 0 SVG Ancient Star Rod 0 PNG

Beyea Aliens 0 thumbnail

Beyea Aliens 0

Beyea Aliens 0 SVG Beyea Aliens 0 PNG

Bunnies in Black thumbnail

Bunnies In Black 0

Bunnies In Black 0 SVG Bunnies In Black 0 PNG

Area 51 Bunny - Pink 0 thumbnail

Area 51 Bunny - Pink 0

Area 51 Bunny - Pink 0 SVG Area 51 Bunny - Pink 0 PNG

White Stuff Bunny Astronaut 0 thumbnail

White Stuff Bunny Astronaut 0

White Stuff Bunny Astronaut 0 SVG White Stuff Bunny Astronaut 0 PNG

White Stuff Die Holder 0 thumbnail

White Stuff Die Holder 0

White Stuff Die Holder 0 SVG White Stuff Die Holder 0 PNG


Zodiac Symbols 0 thumbnail

Zodiac Symbols 0

Zodiac Symbols 0 SVG Zodiac Symbols 0 PNG

Prune Danishes

Prune Danish 0 thumbnail

Prune Danish 0

Prune Danish 0 SVG Prune Danish 0 PNG


Carrot 0 thumbnail

Carrot 0

Water Glass 0 SVG Water Glass 0 PNG


Yellow Ball with Red Stripe thumbnail

Yellow Ball with Red Stripe 0

Yellow Ball with Red Stripe SVG Yellow Ball with Red Stripe PNG

Mystery Urn 0 thumbnail

Mystery Urn 0

Mystery Urn 0 SVG Mystery Urn 0 PNG

Cheese Ball 0 thumbnail

Cheese Ball 0

Cheese Ball 0 SVG Cheese Ball 0 PNG

Pink Aggression Box 0 thumbnail

Pink Aggression Box 0

Pink Aggression Box 0 SVG Pink Aggression Box 0 PNG

Snowball 0 thumbnail

Snowball 0

Snowball 0 SVG Snowball 0 PNG

Whisk 0 thumbnail

Whisk 0

Whisk 0 SVG Whisk 0 PNG

Poker Chip Blue 0 thumbnail

Poker Chip Blue 0

Poker Chip Blue 0 SVG Poker Chip Blue 0 PNG

Poker Chip Gold 0 thumbnail

Poker Chip Gold 0

Poker Chip Gold 0 SVG Poker Chip Gold 0 PNG

Poker Chip White 0 thumbnail

Poker Chip White 0

Poker Chip White 0 SVG Poker Chip White 0 PNG

Poker Chip Red 0 thumbnail

Poker Chip Red 0

Poker Chip Red 0 SVG Poker Chip Red 0 PNG

Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover 01 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 01

Lucky Clover 01 SVG Lucky Clover 01 PNG

Lucky Clover 02 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 02

Lucky Clover 02 SVG Lucky Clover 02 PNG

Lucky Clover 03 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 03

Lucky Clover 03 SVG Lucky Clover 03 PNG

Lucky Clover 04 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 04

Lucky Clover 04 SVG Lucky Clover 04 PNG

Lucky Clover 05 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 05

Lucky Clover 05 SVG Lucky Clover 05 PNG

Lucky Clover 06 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 06

Lucky Clover 06 SVG Lucky Clover 06 PNG

Lucky Clover 07 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 07

Lucky Clover 07 SVG Lucky Clover 07 PNG

Lucky Clover 08 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 08

Lucky Clover 08 SVG Lucky Clover 08 PNG

Lucky Clover 09 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 09

Lucky Clover 09 SVG Lucky Clover 09 PNG

Lucky Clover 10 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 10

Lucky Clover 10 SVG Lucky Clover 10 PNG

Lucky Clover 11 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 11

Lucky Clover 11 SVG Lucky Clover 11 PNG

Lucky Clover 12 thumbnail

Lucky Clover 12

Lucky Clover 12 SVG Lucky Clover 12 PNG

Militaristic Symbols

Carrot Logo Decal thumbnail

Carrot Logo Decal

Logo Carrot Decal SVG Logo Carrot Decal PNG

Carrot Wings Decal thumbnail

Carrot Wings Decal

Carrot Wings Decal SVG Carrot Wings Decal PNG

David Carrot Decal thumbnail

David Carrot Decal

David Carrot Decal SVG David Carrot Decal PNG

Rank Symbols thumbnail

Rank Symbols

Navy Symbols SVG Navy Symbols PNG


Pawn 0 (Blue) thumbnail

Pawn 0 (Blue)

Pawn 0 (Blue) SVG Pawn 0 (Blue) PNG

Pawn 0 (Black) thumbnail

Pawn 0 (Black)

Pawn 0 (Black) SVG Pawn 0 (Black) PNG

Regardless of who drew these particular objects, United States copyright law says these objects are © 2002-2010 Playroom Entertainment.

“Fair Use” says you may use them for personal, non-commercial use only.

Library Notes

Inkscape Scalable Vector Graphics editor

Many of the items in the Library used Inkscape as the drawing tool.

Inkscape runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

The SVG Download icon indicates a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) graphic suitable for importing into Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.

The SVG Download icon indicates a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) graphic suitable for use in GIMP, Paint.NET, or Adobe Photoshop.

The XCF Download icon indicates an XCF graphic suitable for use in GIMP.

The XCF Download icon indicates an Adobe Photoshop PSD graphic suitable for use in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other software that will read the PSD format, such as GIMP.

If you would like to submit graphic objects for inclusion here, or if you are interested in seeing specific objects on this page, please email glenn (at)