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Conquest Fan Art Parts Libraries

Disclaimer: These objects are intended to allow fans to create non-commercial “Fan Art” Cards to supplement their genuine Killer Bunnies® decks using the out-of-print Bunny Blanks or similar. They are intended to be used for “Fair Use” purposes within the context of United States copyright law.

Seriously, this is all well and fun, but don’t rip off Creative Team Alpha’s hard work by doing something stupid like trying to publish your own game with these images. The Sinister Bunny below, for example, is easily recognizable as “Killer Bunnies” and is part of Jeff Bellinger’s trademark registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Really seriously, if you abuse this, the page will be coming down.

Conquest-styled Fan Art Parts Library

Unlicensed Fan WorkThe “Conquest-styled Fan Art Parts” are drawn in a style similar to the Creative Team Alpha artwork, but are not directly copied or traced from original sources.

Conquest-like Parts Library

Killer Bunnies Truculent BunnyThe “Conquest-like Parts” are drawn to replicate genuine Creative Team Alpha artwork.

Conquest Fan Art Parts Library

Painter Pallette