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Legal Stuff


The Killer Bunnies® logos, artwork, and card templates are copyright Playroom Entertainment. All other images on this site (unless otherwise specified) are ©2012 Glenn Davis. All Rights Reserved.

Fair Use

Killer Bunnies® imagery and card layouts, where used, are in no way intended to infringe any copyrights or trademarks of Playroom Entertainment or Jeff Bellinger. Graphics, where displayed, are of sufficiently low resolution that no commercial value is contained.


Killer Bunnies® and Kinder Bunnies® are registered trademarks of Jeffrey Neil Bellinger. No infringement of any marks is intended.


Playroom Entertainment licenses Killer Bunnies® from creator Jeff Bellinger.

Plea for Creative Commons licensing

While the Killer Bunnies® and the Quest for the Magic Carrot templates were posted on the KillerBunnies web site, that alone doesn’t give anyone the right to share their work (“remix”) based on those templates (the “original work”). This is unfortunate, because the energy of Killer Bunnies® fans can spread to new fans through their enthusiasm and creativity of Fan Art cards.

We’d really like have the Killer Bunnies® templates licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license so that fan cards can be shared legally and printed professionally (but not commercially) through services like The Game Crafter, Superior POD, or ArtsCow.

Did You Know?

“Fair Use” is a defense against copyright infringement, it is not otherwise codified into U.S. law.

All Rights Reserved.

The statement “All Rights Reserved” must accompany the copyright notice in some countries for the full force of copyright law to have effect.