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History of Magic Carrot was launched in October 2004, quickly becoming “the” place for Killer Bunnies® fans.

Shortly thereafter, in November of 2004, the Magic Carrot Message Board was launched on Proboards to provide a forum for users to ask questions.

The domain registration expired in October 2008 and about a month later, it was clear that the site was abandoned by early November 2008.

In December 2008, a company owned by Network Solutions put up a domain parking page, snaring people looking for the real into looking at their worthless page, and apparently trying to extort money for the domain by requiring a high minimum bid.

By January 2009, the former web site owner and message board administrator had completely abandoned both the site and the message board. He has been missing in action ever since and no one has been able to contact him by any of his publicly available email addresses.

In June 2009, by locating a co-administrator of the message board, two new administrators were raised from the faithful ranks to maintain the message board.

In December 2009, a small group of Killer Bunnies® enthusiasts created the Killer Bunnies Wiki at Wikia.

Due to the outlandish minimum bid requested, the site was dormant until Network Solutions’ registration expired in late February 2010.

In late February 2010, the domain was purchased by its current owner.

In March and April 2010 a new site was built from scratch.

In May 2010, the site was launched publicly.

In August 2010, the Magic Carrot webmaster started Grad School, which he finished in April 2012.

In July 2012, the webmaster added significantly more content to, to support the additional games released under the Killer Bunnies® and Psychic Penguins™ banners.

In December 2012, released unofficial Odyssey card templates for fans to use to create fan art cards to enhance their constructible decks.

Continual stream of new products from CTA

Since the New was launched, Playroom has released three games from the Creative Team Alpha games factory:

  • Killer Bunnies® and the Ultimate Odyssey (2010),
  • Killer Bunnies® and the Conquest of the Magic Carrot (2011), and
  • Psychic Penguins™ and the Voyage Home (2013).