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Cards that can be used by Steel the One

Steel The One, all Opponents must reveal any card in their five-card hand with a Card Identification Number that ends with the numeral ‘1.’ The player may steal any one “1” card from any Opponent and replace it with any card from his five-card hand. The Card Identification Number is located in the lower right-hand corner of every card.”

It doesn’t have to be a run card that a Player can steal. It could be a Special or Very Special also. Cards that end in “1” (that you could steal) include:

Steel the One
0001Blue Congenial
0011Orange Congenial
0021Choose 2 Carrots
0031Weapon Level 01 - Kitchen Whisk
0041Weapon Level 07 - Sword
0051Bad Karma
0061Lucky Clover - Triple
00711/2 Price Coupon K
0081Rooney’s Reusables
0111Yellow Congenial
0121Choose A Carrot
0131Weapon Level 10 - Sea Whiz Mount
0141Lucky Clover - Quadruple
0151Containment Suit (CDC-Level 4)
0171Choose A Carrot
0181Weapon Level 09 - Cruise Missle Prime
0191Holographic Bunny
0201H. E. M. P
0221Specialty Bunny - Single (Bunny O' Justice)
0231Everyone Feed A Bunny 3/3
0241Europan Robotic Titanium Termites
0251Diverse Portfolio!
0281Choose A Carrot
0291Weapon Level 17 - C.O.M.A.
0301Rooney's Weapons Emporium 1/Half Level
0311Monumentally Mad Donnelaith Bakery, The
0331Yellow/Green Congenial
0341Feed The Bunny 4/3
0361LA Tape Worm
0391Choose A Carrot
0401Weapon 50/50 - Anode Anomaly
0411O. R. P.
0421Free Pawn!
0441Violet Super Congenial
0451Feed The Bunny 5/1
0461Lucky Clover - Decadruple
0471Zodiac Exchange
0481Every Cloud
0501Choose A Carrot
0511Weapon 50/50 - Poison Cups
0521Pinky Tusca-Hare-O
0531Transcendental Run
0551Red/Violet Congenial
0561Weapon 50/50 - Baseball Blues
0571The Bunnymooners
0581Refried Peas
0611Celebrity Bunny - Double (Phineas & Jeffrey)
0621Feed The Bunny 3/5
0631Arctic Caribou
0641Cairo Practor
0661The White Party
0721Celebrity Bunny (Number Six)
0731After Darkness
0741Specialty Bunny - Double (Interview With The Bunnies)
0751W Is For Whammy
Promo cards
Omega 01Bunny’s Eleven
Omega 11Red Herring Pink Salmon
Psi 01Spider Bunny
Nu 1Specialty Bunny - Single (Bunny White)
Nu 1123 Skidoo
KinderBunnies cards include
011Orange Smart Bunny
021Take A Carrot
031Safety Hazard 03 - Icy Sidewalk
061Take A Carrot
071Safety Hazard 10 - Seat Belts
081One For Fun
091Mini Danish

Last updated 2016-11-30

Cards We Wish Were

Celebrity Bunny - Roger

While this card does not exist in the Creative Team Alpha canon, we wish it did.