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Cards that can be used by Steel The One

Steel The One, all Opponents must reveal any card in their five-card hand with a Card Identification Number that ends with the numeral ‘1.’ The player may steal any one “1” card from any Opponent and replace it with any card from his five-card hand. The Card Identification Number is located in the lower right-hand corner of every card.”

It doesn’t have to be a Run card that a Player can steal. It could be a Special or Very Special also.

Cards that end in “1” (that you could steal) include:

Steel The One
Booster DeckCardIDCard Name
Blue0001Blue Congenial Bunny
Blue0011Orange Congenial Bunny
Blue0021Choose 2 Carrots
Blue0031Kitchen Whisk
Blue0051Bad Karma
Blue0061Lucky Clover – Single – Bunny Modifier
Blue0071Half Price Coupon Kaballa’s Market
Blue0081Rooney’s Reusables
Yellow0111Yellow Congenial Bunny
Yellow0121Choose A Carrot
Yellow0131Sea Whiz Mount
Yellow0141Lucky Clover – Quadruple – Bunny Modifier
Yellow0151Containment Suit – Bunny Modifier
Red0171Choose A Carrot
Red0181Cruise Missile Prime
Red0191Holographic Bunny
Red0201Half Price Coupon Rooney’s Weapons Emporium
Violet0221Specialty Bunny – Bunny O’ Justice
Violet0231Everyone Feed A Bunny
Violet0241Europan Robotic Titanium Termites
Violet0251Diverse Portfolio
Orange0281Choose A Carrot
Orange0291C.O.M.A. – Carrot Olfactory Mesmerizing Aroma
Orange0301Rooney’s Weapons Emporium – Low
Orange0311Monumentally Mad Donnelaith Bakery, The
Green0331Yellow/Green Congenial Bunny
Green0341Feed The Bunny
Green0361LA Tape Worm
Twilight White0391Choose A Carrot
Twilight White0401Anode Anomaly
Twilight White0411O.R.P. – Obnoxious Roaming Pest
Twilight White0421Free Pawn
Stainless Steel0441Violet Super Congenial Bunny
Stainless Steel0451Feed The Bunny
Stainless Steel0461Lucky Clover – Decadruple – Bunny Modifier
Stainless Steel0471Zodiac Exchange
Stainless Steel0481Every Cloud Has A Steel Lining
Perfectly Pink0501Choose A Carrot
Perfectly Pink0511Poison Cups
Perfectly Pink0521Pinky Tusca-Hare-O
Perfectly Pink0531Transcendental Run
Wacky Khaki0551Red/Violet Congenial Bunny
Wacky Khaki0561Baseball Blues
Wacky Khaki0571Bunnymooners, The
Wacky Khaki0581Refried Peas
Ominous Onyx0611Celebrity Bunny – Phineas And Jeffrey
Ominous Onyx0621Feed The Bunny
Ominous Onyx0631Arctic Caribou
Ominous Onyx0641Cairo Practor
Ominous Onyx0651O-75
Ominous Onyx0661White Party, The
Ominous Onyx0671Zan
Chocolate0721Celebrity Bunny – Number Six
Chocolate0731After Darkness
Chocolate0741Specialty Bunny – Interview With The Bunnies
Chocolate0751W Is For Whammy
Conquest Blue0771Blue Evil Bunny
Conquest Blue0781Orange Evil Bunny
Conquest Blue0791Choose 2 Carrots
Conquest Blue0801Bear Trap
Conquest Blue0811Gremlins
Conquest Blue0821Area 51
Conquest Blue0831Paper Boy
Conquest Blue0841Chocolate Eclair
Conquest Blue0851Night At The Roxbunny
Conquest Yellow0881Yellow Evil Bunny
Conquest Yellow0891Choose A Carrot
Conquest Yellow0901Terminators
Conquest Yellow0911Kaballa’s Market Two – Closed
Conquest Yellow0921Shell Repel
Conquest Red0941Choose A Carrot
Conquest Red0951Faximilian
Conquest Red0961Morden’s Metals Exchange
Conquest Red0971Witch’s Spirit
Conquest Violet0991Specialty Bunny – Tailor Bunny
Conquest Violet1001Feed All Your Bunnies
Conquest Violet1011Bunny Booster – Bunny Modifier
Conquest Violet1021Campaign Contributions
Fantastic1051Furry Wall
Fantastic1061Make It Sow
Fantastic1071Angry Nerds
Fantastic1081Feed The Bunny
Fantastic1091Bad Hare Day
Caramel Swirl1101Specialty Bunny – Minion Bunny
Caramel Swirl1111Olly Olly Oxen Free
Caramel Swirl1121Funky Fungus – Single – Bunny Modifier
Caramel Swirl1131Rare Perfect Square
Caramel Swirl1141Cherry Cordial
Creature Feature1161Law Enforcement Bunnies – Torched Bunnies
Creature Feature1171Goa’uld Snake
Creature Feature1181Lucky Horseshoe – Octdruple – Bunny Modifier
Creature Feature1191Kelpies
Pumpkin Spice1211Blue Breakdown Bunny
Pumpkin Spice1221Feed The Bunny
Pumpkin Spice1231Banality
Pumpkin Spice1241Nothing Is Forever
Pumpkin Spice1251Oh Look, A Butterfly
La‐Di‐Da London1271British Bunny – Detective Bunnies
La‐Di‐Da London1281Daleks
La‐Di‐Da London1291Oyster Cracker – Bunny Modifier
La‐Di‐Da London1301Tube Delay
Cake Batter1321Cathexis Bunny – Blue
Cake Batter1331Bunny Whey – Atomic Pastry Modifier
Cake Batter1341Lucky Horseshoe – Bunny Modifier
Cake Batter1361Fruit Seeking Neutrons
Sky Blue001Blue Hero Bunny
Sky Blue011Orange Smart Bunny
Sky Blue021Take A Carrot
Sky Blue031Safety Hazard 03 – Icy Sidewalk
Sunshine Yellow061Take A Carrot
Sunshine Yellow071Safety Hazard 10 – Seat Belts
Sunshine Yellow081One For Fun
Sunshine Yellow091Mini Danish
PromoΝ01Specialty Bunny – Bunny White
PromoΝ11Twenty-Three Skidoo
PromoΩ01Bunny’s Eleven
PromoΩ11Red Herring Pink Salmon
PromoΦ01Drazi Feud
PromoΦ11For The King
Promoπ001Carrot Of Power – Enchanted Bunny Modifier
Promoπ011Law Enforcement Bunnies – Miamic Bunnies
Promoπ021Oyster Bunny – Blue
PromoΨ01Spider Bunny
PromoΨ11Indiana Clones
PromoΘ01Celebrity Bunny – Matt

Last updated 2020-07-25

Cards We Wish Were

Celebrity Bunny - Roger

While this card does not exist in the Creative Team Alpha canon, we wish it did.