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The Scarlett Letter

The Scarlet Letter may be used by a Player to force any Opponent to either discard all cards in his five-card hand that contain the letter “A” in the card title or that have a Red bullet in the upper left corner (Run and Roaming Red Run cards). The Player must decide which option to use before choosing an Opponent.”

This is a list of all Special and Very Special cards that have an “A” in them. So if a player decides to make an Opponent eliminate all of their Run cards, you risk them hanging onto these cards:

The Scarlet Letter
Blue0066Carrot Top Casino
Blue0067Carrot Top Casino
Blue0068Free Cabbage
Blue0069Free Water
Blue0070Geneva Convention
Blue0071Half Price Coupon Kaballa's Market
Blue0072Large Prune Danish
Blue0073Large Prune Danish
Blue0074Mad, Mad Donnelaith Bakery, The
Blue0075Mad, Mad Donnelaith Bakery, The
Blue0076Magic Fountain, The
Blue0077Magic Fountain, The
Blue0080Magic Spatula, The
Blue0081Rooney's Reusables
Blue0082Sunny Day
Yellow0146Free Cabbage And Water
Yellow0148Noah's Flood
Yellow0149Rooney's Weapons Exchange
Yellow0150Top Run Rotate
Yellow0151Containment Suit – Bunny Modifier
Yellow0152Reversal Of Fortune
Red0198Free Cabbage And Water
Red0200H.E.M.P. – Highly Explosive Missile Package
Red0201Half Price Coupon Rooney's Weapons Emporium
Red0204Guardian Angle
Violet0248Blown Trojan
Violet0250Cool Change
Violet0252LA Hot Peppers
Violet0253Large Prune Danish
Violet0254Random Paintball Assault – Bunny Modifier
Violet0255Run Amok
Violet0256Run Transformer
Violet0257Ancient Star Rod – Holographic Bunny Modifier
Violet0259Bunnies In Black
Violet0260Reversal Of Order
Orange0304Carrot Top Royale
Orange0305Carrot Top Royale
Orange0306Free Pawn
Orange0307Half Price Coupon Weil's Pawn Shop
Orange0308Incredibly Magic Fountain
Orange0309Incredibly Magic Fountain
Orange0310Monumentally Mad Donnelaith Bakery, The
Orange0311Monumentally Mad Donnelaith Bakery, The
Orange0314Very Large Prune Danish
Orange0315Very Large Prune Danish
Orange0317Uriel's Machine
Green0360Gift Certificate Kaballa's Market
Green0361LA Tape Worm
Green0362Albino Baby 5000
Green0363Operation Spoilsport
Twilight White0419Bonanza
Twilight White0421Free Pawn
Twilight White0422Free Weapon
Twilight White0423Gift Certificate Rooney's Weapons Emporium
Twilight White0424Golden Ratio (Almost), The
Twilight White0425Retrieval
Twilight White0426Blue Angels
Twilight White0427Defense Card Suspender
Twilight White0429Weapon Booster
Stainless Steel0472Duck Tape
Stainless Steel0473Free Cabbage
Stainless Steel0474Free Water
Stainless Steel0475Gift Certificate Weil's Pawn Shop
Stainless Steel0476Japanese Rabbit Trap
Stainless Steel0478Magnetic Shielding
Stainless Steel0479Ultimate Pawn Power
Stainless Steel0481Every Cloud Has A Steel Lining
Stainless Steel0482Happy Scrappy Hero Pup
Stainless Steel0483Temporal Flux
Stainless Steel0484Weapon Reducer
Perfectly Pink0526Appetite Suppressant
Perfectly Pink0527Bingo Flamingo
Perfectly Pink0528Paradise Syndrome
Perfectly Pink0529Day Old Bread
Perfectly Pink0531Transcendental Run
Wacky Khaki0585Carpe Scriblita
Wacky Khaki0587Get Out Of Death Free
Wacky Khaki0588Sky Waitress
Wacky Khaki0589Tachyon Turnaround
Ominous Onyx0664Abe Froeman
Ominous Onyx0665Incriminating Photos
Ominous Onyx0666Insurance Porpoises
Ominous Onyx0667Loan Shark
Ominous Onyx0671Zan
Ominous Onyx0673Bunnyback Mountain
Ominous Onyx0677Platinum Rosebud
Ominous Onyx0679Rue The Day
Chocolate0725Baby Bunnies On Board
Chocolate0726Red Herring Pink Salmon
Chocolate0731After Darkness
Chocolate0734Dr. Xavi-Hare
Chocolate0760Large Prune Danish
Conquest Blue0837Bizarre Baccarat
Conquest Blue0838Bizarre Baccarat
Conquest Blue0839Blue Plate Special
Conquest Blue0840Blue Plate Special
Conquest Blue0841Chocolate Eclair
Conquest Blue0842Chocolate Eclair
Conquest Blue0844Free Radish
Conquest Blue0845Guarantee At Three
Conquest Blue0851Night At The Roxbunny
Conquest Yellow0919Free Radish And Milk
Conquest Yellow0920Quickdraw
Conquest Yellow0922Suspended Animation
Conquest Yellow0923Top Run Rotate
Conquest Yellow0924Banana Phone
Conquest Yellow0925Raisin Hell
Conquest Yellow0926Star 69
Conquest Red0968Free Radish And Milk
Conquest Red0969Half Price Coupon Kaballa's Market Two
Conquest Red0972Everybody's Dead Dave
Conquest Red0973Guardian Angel
Conquest Violet1021Campaign Contributions
Conquest Violet1022Chocolate Eclair
Conquest Violet1024Half Price Coupon Rooney's Weapons Emporium Two
Conquest Violet1026Talos Four
Conquest Violet1027Federal Agents
Conquest Violet1028Okie Dokie Artichokie
Conquest Violet1029Scapegoat
Fantastic1066Fat Bunny Sings
Fantastic1072Omega Thirteen
Fantastic1075Soft Kitty Warm Kitty
Fantastic1091Bad Hare Day
Fantastic1092Out Of Harm's Way
Caramel Swirl1135Cow By A River
Caramel Swirl1136Independence Day
Caramel Swirl1137Marvin Gardens
Caramel Swirl1139Small Potatoes
Caramel Swirl1140Beating A Dead Horse
Caramel Swirl1141Cherry Cordial
Caramel Swirl1142Southpaw
Creature Feature1189Chocolate Eclair
Creature Feature1192Ace Buntura
Creature Feature1193Bad Mood Ood
Creature Feature1194Toucan Play That Game
Pumpkin Spice1248Royal Fizzbin
Pumpkin Spice1249Skint Scenario
Pumpkin Spice1250Meek Shall Inherit
Pumpkin Spice1251Oh Look, A Butterfly
La-Di-Da London1299Canary Worf
La-Di-Da London1300Trafalgar Square
La-Di-Da London1301Tube Delay
Cake Batter1349Bakewell Tart – Atomic Pastry
Cake Batter1350Bakewell Tart – Atomic Pastry
Cake Batter1353Honey Hash Browns
Cake Batter1354Honey Hash Browns
Cake Batter1357Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Atomic Pastry
Cake Batter1358Pineapple Upside Down Cake – Atomic Pastry
Cake Batter1359Grandma's Apple Pie – Atomic Pastry
Cake Batter1360Grandma's Apple Pie – Atomic Pastry
Cake Batter1362Yamok Sauce
Cake Batter1363Acid Reflux
Cake Batter1364Martinet Mavin
Sky Blue035Cabbage
Sky Blue036Cabbage
Sky Blue037Cabbage
Sky Blue038Water
Sky Blue039Water
Sky Blue040Water
Sunshine Yellow090Cabbage
Sunshine Yellow091Mini Danish
Sunshine Yellow092Mini Danish
Sunshine Yellow093Water
Sunshine Yellow095Safety Skunk
PromoOmega 0010Baby Bunnies On Board
PromoOmega 0011Red Herring Pink Salmon
PromoOmega 0013Omega Thirteen
PromoOmega 0016Soft Kitty Warm Kitty
PromoPhi 0009Fat Bunny Sings
PromoPi 0009Cesium Frances Lithicmyxialobidiumrixydixydoxidrexidroxhide
PromoPi 0010Tear Me A New One
PromoPi 0028Coconut Vanilla Sponge – Atomic Pastry
PromoPsi 0004After Darkness
PromoPsi 0007Dr. Xavi-Hare

Last updated 2022-03-15

Cards We Wish Were

Celebrity Bunny – Roger

While this card does not exist in the Creative Team Alpha canon, we wish it did.