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Cards affecting “Halo’d” Bunny or Holographic Bunny

Which cards affect a “Halo’d” Bunny or the Holographic Bunny?
Card“Halo” BunnyHolographic Bunny
Activate: The MinilithNoNo
Anti-Matter Raisins (Bittersweet Chocolate-Covered) NoYes
Area 51NoNo
Bunny Block BidYesYes
Bunny ExchangeYesYes
Carrot Top CasinoNoNo
Carrot Top RoyaleNoNo
Cheese Balls (Quite Irascible Diffractable)NoYes
Clumsy CongenialNoNo
Defector DetectorYesYes
Defector DeuxYesYes
Extra Super Pink BunnyNoNo
Extra Super Red BunnyNoNo
H.E.M.P.No (Can’t be abducted)No (Can’t be abducted)
Hostile PentacostalNoNo
Laser GunNoYes
Leif CarrotsonNo (Can’t be abducted)No (Can’t be abducted)
Mad Bunny DiseaseNoNo
Mad, Mad Donnelaith Bakery (roll of ‘1’)NoNo
Miniature Black HoleNoYes
Monumentally Mad Donnelaith Bakery (roll of ‘1’)NoNo
MothershipNo (Can’t be abducted)No (Can’t be abducted)
Mystery UrnYesYes
Nuclear WarheadNoYes
Operation: SpoilsportNoNo
Plutonium RadiationNoYes
Psychic WavesNoYes
Random Paintball AssaultNoNo
Rank (any)NoYes
Red Light DistrictNoYes
Red OctoberNo (Can’t be abducted)No (Can’t be abducted)
Russian RouletteNoNo
Schroedinger’s BunnyNoNo
Sharks WFLBNoYes
Shockwave (moved?)NoNo
Shockwave (squished?)NoNo
Tale of Two BunniesYesYes
Terrible Misfortune (all except Plutonium)NoNo
Terrible Misfortune - PlutoniumNoYes
Weil’s Pawn ShopNoYes (may be bought from)
Where No Bunny Has Gone BeforeNoNo (Can’t be abducted)
Zodiac TerminatorNoNo

Last updated 2016-11-30

Cards We Wish Were

Celebrity Bunny - Roger

While this card does not exist in the Creative Team Alpha canon, we wish it did.