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Killer Bunnies® and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

Cards that can be stolen if the Player rolls for The Fifth Element successfully

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element may be used once by a Player to roll the eight 12-sided dice (Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red and Pink) and five 10-sided dice (Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow and Blue – KinderBunnies®) and to take any one bunny in The Bunny Circle, saved Zodiac card or Mysterious Place card that has a ‘05’ in the Card Identification Number from any Opponent if at least one ‘05’ is rolled. If at least five 5’s are rolled, then the Player may take all of the bunnies in The Bunny Circle, saved Zodiac cards and saved Mysterious Place cards that have a ‘05’ in the Card Identification Number.”

0005Blue Timid
0015Orange Timid
0057Yellow Timid
0115Free Agent!
0225Specialty Bunny - Group (Fabulous Bunnies)
0335Green/Blue Timid
0445Yellow Super Timid
0500Pink Timid
0521Pinky Tusca-Hare-O
0551Red/Violet Congenial
0552Red/Orange Gleeful
0553Red/Blue Lumbering
0554Red/Green Sinister
0555Red/Yellow Timid
0576Lonely Ranger, The
0615Extra Super Red
0635Brundle Bunny
0705Mysterious Place - Easter Island
Omega 5Lord Of The Bunnies (Omega promo version, but not the Chocolate version, as that CardID is 0720)
Kinder cards
005Green Hero Bunny
015Violet Smart Bunny
056Yellow Hero Bunny
057Yellow Perky Bunny
058Yellow Smart Bunny
059Yellow Sporty Bunny
Conquest cards
0775Blue Truculent Bunny
0785Orange Truculent Bunny
0885Yellow Truculent Bunny

Last updated 2016-11-30

Cards We Wish Were

Celebrity Bunny - Roger

While this card does not exist in the Creative Team Alpha canon, we wish it did.