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Killer Bunnies® and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

Celebrity Bunnies Revealed

These are all of the Celebrity Bunnies from the Ominous Onyx deck:
0606 Alfred is the character Alfred Bester from Babylon 5.
0607 Carl is astronomer Carl Sagan.
0608 Samantha is the character Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1.
0609 August & 44 are a reference to an unfinished Mark Twain work “The Mysterious Stranger”.
0610 Loki & Bartleby are characters from Kevin Smith's movie Dogma.
0611 Phineas & Jeffrey are characters from the show Voyagers!
0612 B'Elanna, Kathryn & Seven are characters from Star Trek: Voyager.
0613 Jerry, Parker & Mikey are characters from Parker Lewis Can't Lose.
0614 Rygel, d’Argo & John are characters from Farscape.

Cards We Wish Were

Celebrity Bunny - Roger

While this card does not exist in the Creative Team Alpha canon, we wish it did.