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Vanity Carrot and Fan Cards

LordOfWorms’ Fan Art Card Gallery

The cards Lordofworm made with his Quest Fan Art Card template (see item below) are available for download in the LordOfWorms Gallery.

(Unofficial) KB Quest template released!

The MagicCarrot Message Board’s LordOfWorms provided us with a ready-to-use Quest Fan Art Card template for use with Adobe® Photoshop® (PSD). Download it at Quest-Like Parts Library.

(Unofficial) KB Jupiter Ship template released!

Magic continues to release templates for fan to make Jupiter fan art cards with their favorite ships. See the news.

Additional printing options uncovered additional print-on-demand and do-it-yourself (DIY) printing options in Printing. Okay, we strongly borrowed from the recommendations at BoardGameGeek. (Thanks guys.)

(Unofficial) KB Odyssey fan art card templates released!

At long last, unofficial Odyssey Fan Art vertical, horizontal, and resource card templates have been released! The news is in the Magic News.

Playroom Entertainment’s Fan Card Contest results are in!

Browse to Playroom News to for the link.

The entire site has been refreshed with new and updated content!

Browse to MagicCarrot News to see what has been updated.